What do you do when you spend your birthday alone?

Answer Hey hey! You do not have to be alone. I have done that before but trust me, It adds nothing to you to be all by yourself when you can link up with someone. It is better to do It with a stranger tha... Read More »

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How to Spend a Night Alone in Your House?

If your parents go out a lot and you have the house to yourself you may be scared or bored. You may not know this but there are lots of ways to keep yourself entertained until they get back. Scared?

How to Make Your Girlfriend Want to Spend Time Alone with You?

For any of you guys out there, wanting your girlfriend to be alone with you might seem difficult. However with the tips in this guide you will find out quite a lot about this topic and how to chang... Read More »

How to Celebrate Your Birthday Alone?

Spending your birthday alone is probably not something you chose to do. There are times, however, when the circumstances put you in a position of being away from loved ones, be it due to travel, wo... Read More »

When your alone what happens?

You would have no one nearby to help you in the event of an emergency situation, which would place your well being at risk.