What do you do when you put too much horseradish in recipe?

Answer add other ingedients until everything is in proper proportion or start over

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When should you harvest horseradish?

Dig up roots in the autumn. The main roots develop properly only when the season changes.

What does it mean when a recipe tells you to "fold in"?

Folding is a technique to 'blend'. You don't stir, that will deflate the egg whites for example. To fold you take part of the mixture and bring up and over.....thus folding. You continue this ... Read More »

What part of the horseradish do you replant?

You replant the root. Choose one that's about 3/4" in diameter & 10" llong. Cut the top off & cut the tip of the root at an angle. Store in the fridge if you live in a warm climate until you want t... Read More »

When a recipe asks for sweet herbs what does it mean?

mint luisa mellisarosemary cinnamon things like that