What do you do when you hear a popping sound in your arm ?

Answer Sounds like a hyper-extended elbow but he could have torn his extensor tendon. You said that he has a burning sensation on the skin. If it is on the outside then, he most likely has torn the exte... Read More »

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Hip makes a popping sound when I walk...what is it?

well i know that when i put my leg in a aqward posistion it my hip joints makes that noise.. hmm i say the best bet is go to your dr. who will prob reer u to a specialist

What makes that popping sound when you crack a joint?

Amee above is right. Cracking or popping joints - usually fingers or knees - is caused by trapped air!

What is the sound you hear when you shut off a vehicle?

Are you talking about the ticking noises after your engine is completely stopped? If so, that's just the metal in your engine resizing after cooling down, there is nothing wrong with that... Metal... Read More »

What is that popping crackling sound in my knee when u bend them been having it for years?

It's the same thing as when people crack their knuckles, something to do with synovial fluid that cushions our joints and creating a vacuum when you bend the joint..I'm not too clear on specifics b... Read More »