What do you do when you have no 1/8 spoon?

Answer 1/4 would do. Seriously have you not taken a math class or have you not paid attention? i am so sorry if that sounds rude of me

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When does a baby use a spoon?

On One Hand: Interest in SpoonBabies will typically become interested in spoons long before they can use them well. As early as 6 months of age, a baby may grab the spoon and try to feed himself. S... Read More »

When were the fork&spoon invented?

The fork and spoon evolved separately. The first manufactured spoons appeared in the Roman Empire in the first century A.D. Forks as eating utensils were first developed and used by royalty in the ... Read More »

HK - Would you have dared to move Marco's slotted spoon?

Not only would I have moved it I would then have run around the kitchen with it so he had to chase me! lol

How do your know if a plastic spoon is dishwasher safe or even reusable if you do not have the packaging?

Look at this document for symbols: