What do you do when you get burned by hot oil?

Answer Put a very cold WET compress on the area until the stinging stops.

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What do you do when you get burned?

THIS TIP IS A LIFESAVER FOR BURNS - Almost literally:Before reading the rest of this, go get your bottle of CAYENNE PEPPER, wet the burned area (so it sticks well), and cover all burned areas in a ... Read More »

My 9yr. old son is sun burned!?

children's motrin will work best for his pain and swelling..for the chewable tablets-take 4 every 6-8 hours (no more than 4 doses in 24 hours)for the liquid suspension 2tsp every 6-8 hours (no more... Read More »

Can air get burned?

Air is made up of gases, principally oxygen and nitrogen. Fire needs oxygen, heat and fuel in order to burn, but oxygen, heat and fuel won't burn in the absence of the other components. Flames will... Read More »

Burned myself what should I do?

Don't be woried, I bake and burn myself all of the time. Even if the burn does not hurt it would be good if you ringed it with cold water once and awhile. If its bubbly it may blister. Hope I helpe... Read More »