What do you do when you don't Get a Buzz from Alcohol anymore?

Answer Just start drinking shots on a empty stomach or start mixing your liquor

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What do you do when you've gotten to the Stage where Alcohol doesn't give you a Buzz Anymore?

I'm a fairly regular drinker (though usually not to excess). On average, I have a drink 4 days in every week, and my tolerance to it is very high. I found by experimentation that if I'm abstinent... Read More »

What can I do, Alcohol doesn't give me a Buzz anymore and It feels bad?

You have built up a tolerance to alcohol. If you want to be a lightweight again, give up the booze for a year or so.Most people want a decent tolerance. You are the first one I have ever heard that... Read More »

Blue eyed people: Do you have trouble getting a buzz from alcohol?

I heard that red eyed people can drink until they get fangs and hiss then they go feral and attack people.

When i Drink Alcohol, After My Buzz Subsides & i Go To Sleep, i Wake Up W/ My Heart Pounding Fast.(read below)?

DEHYDRATION. This condition is caused by alcohol consumption. It throws your electolytes out of whack. Once symptom of dehydration is a rapid heart beat. Also, headache. Sound familiar with a hango... Read More »