What do you do when you are giving birth?

Answer Push and breathe push and breathe then give one big last push. If you're having C-SECTION ( Caesarian) then the baby will be surgically removed.

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When you are giving birth what is a centimeter?

When the nurse tells the doctor that the mother is at "xx" centimeters, she means the cervix has opened that far.

What do you do when giving birth at home?

If you are giving birth at home, you should get a midwife, or someone else expericenced in this. Lay on a bed, and get plenty of towels, and wear rubies to ease the pain. Open the windows, let the ... Read More »

What happens when giving birth to a baby?

Many things happen when giving birth to a baby. Is there something in particular that you want to know? Are you wanting to know about a vaginal birth or a cesarean section?

What noises does a rat make when giving birth?

I have had mice and rats both. Both of which did nothing more than squeak.I would assume all rodents make a similar noise, such as; guinea pigs, gerbil's, ferrets etc.