What soothes you when you are tired or depressed?

Answer 1) Writing my book2) Chatting with friends3) Shopping 4) Reading a book5) Buying a magazine6) Face mask and pampering6) Staying in bed7) Long, powerful shower

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What is happening when someone is hylerventilating bad and really depressed on ice is it bad?

The hyperventilation could be a sign of respiratory distress. It is indeed bad, and needs urgent medical care. You need to take your friend to the emergency room, as soon as possible.

What is a great song to listen to when your depressed?

not gonna lie when im feeling depressed "welcome to my life" by simple plan is on repeat.

When you're depressed what type of music to you tend to listen to the most?

Coldplayy! when im depressed they're like the only band i listen to. But They're not one of my favorites.

How to Exercise when You Are Depressed?

Depression can block out the walls and make you lack the energy and motivation to get out and exercise. Cruelly, exercise is one of the best natural cures for depression. Exercising has been scient... Read More »