What do you do when someone who you don't know adds you on facebook?

Answer If we don't have any friends in common then I usually send them a message asking why they chose to add me. If they don't send a response then I don't accept and if they do send a response it depen... Read More »

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How can I advertise my facebook page without paying for adds?

I don't think advertising your facebook page is a good choice. The first thing you should do is to update your page with fun content.If you want higher popularity and more traffic, the best way is ... Read More »

Is there a Facebook extension that adds an "Add as some ****** I used to work with" button?

Never add a dillhole to your facebook, ever.

If someone adds you as an admin on a Facebook Page, Can your friends see what you post on there?

Not all your friends!!But it'll get notified only those are members of that group :)Hope it helps :)

Does anybody have a old facebook they dont use?

transferring ownership of an account is against the rules, and facebook would be able to detect it being transferred, then they would just lock it like your other accounts, which were probably lock... Read More »