What do you do when hooking up a HDTV conversion box yeilds nothing?

Answer The most likely problem is weak signal strength. You may need to upgrade your antenna system. Go to and use the "Choose an Antenna" option. Input your location information... Read More »

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Hooking up HDTV to my laptop ... Need help?

should work ok... if your laptard has a dvi output you would be better with that... vga outputs aren't hi will have to tell your tv what inputs to look at but that is alli use windows media... Read More »

Trouble hooking macbook pro up to hdtv?

Yes, you need to go into the settings app on the bottom and go to displays and you can change it to any resolution you might have to go down to a lower or higher resolution to get everything that i... Read More »

Do you have to buy an HDTV TV or will the cable companies be supplying conversion boxes for older TVs?

If you have cable, you will not need a conversion box. The analog-to-digital transition in the US in 2009 only affects over-the-air broadcasts. Cable operators will continue to provide analog servi... Read More »

Do I need to buy a HDTV tuner to get 1080p signals over the air on your un55c8000 HDTV -- I have a very good outside digital antenna?

1080p signals are not currently being broadcast on any major network at present. Broadcasters are currently using either 1080i or 720p. 1080p demands twice the bandwidth and it is expected to be so... Read More »