What do you do when giving birth at home?

Answer If you are giving birth at home, you should get a midwife, or someone else expericenced in this. Lay on a bed, and get plenty of towels, and wear rubies to ease the pain. Open the windows, let the ... Read More »

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What do you do when you are giving birth?

Push and breathe push and breathe then give one big last push. If you're having C-SECTION ( Caesarian) then the baby will be surgically removed.

When you are giving birth what is a centimeter?

When the nurse tells the doctor that the mother is at "xx" centimeters, she means the cervix has opened that far.

What happens when giving birth to a baby?

Many things happen when giving birth to a baby. Is there something in particular that you want to know? Are you wanting to know about a vaginal birth or a cesarean section?

What is helpful in the delivery room when giving birth?

Things that can be helpful when giving birth can be a picture of your favorite vacation spot so that you can try to focus on something other then pain, a CD of your favorite music, (classical, rock... Read More »