What do you do when both the girl and the boy are underage and they both don't want a baby and the girl becomes pregnant?

Answer Answer Have the girl call Birthright 1-800-550-4900 right away. Also if she goes to any local Catholic church and tells them of her situation they will help her. Answer Go to a Planned Parenthoo... Read More »

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In the state of Illinois can an underage male be jailed for getting an underage girl pregnant?

Answer the only ways is if you are 18 and she is under 18. But if you are both under 18 then no.

If an underage girl has sex with a guy of age 19 and gets pregnant what happens to the guy?

Answer they usually go to jail if the parents find out and press charges. Its called statutory rape.

Can the father of an underage pregnant girl go to prison?

laws vary from state to state, but most likely yes, he would go to prison for statory rape.It depends how old he is. But yes he can get in a lot of trouble.

If a 14-year-old girl is pregnant and the baby is diagnosed with a hole in the heart should the girl have an abortion or give birth?

Answer Give birth, The hole can be repaired. My daughter (and millions like her) was born with a hole in her heart. She is 4 months old and is going through her surgery next month, she'll only be i... Read More »