What do you do when after valve replacement encephalitis is present?

Answer Encephalitis (en-sef-uh-LI-tis) is inflammation of the brain. Viral infections are the most common cause of the condition. Encephalitis can cause flu-like symptoms, such as a fever or severe headac... Read More »

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Heart Valve replacement?

I had a heart by-pass operation in 1998 aged 45. I had no problems with the surgery nor have I had any problems since.I know it's not quite the same operation as he is having but I'm sure he will b... Read More »

DIY Valve Cover Replacement?

A valve cover on a vehicle is a steel or aluminum piece, designed to cover the valves and rocker arms of an engine. It usually mounts to the top of the cylinder head. Periodically the valve cover m... Read More »

Valve Guide Replacement Tools?

Valve guide replacement is done when the valve guide is worn out. The main function of valve guides is to support and center the valves as they open and close. Worn-out valve guides cause the valve... Read More »

Replacement Instructions for the Tacoma PCV Valve?

Replace the Positive Crankcase Ventilation (PCV) valve on your Toyota Tacoma truck at home, with ease, and save yourself time and money. The valve is a black, plastic plug, responsible for recircul... Read More »