What do you do when a girl you like doesn't like you?

Answer Not much you can do ... the guy can't "force" the girl to like you no matter what he does. It's basically time to move on ... obviously she doesn't have the same feelings for you as you so for her,... Read More »

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Why doesnt every girl just get breat implants?

LOL....i think your an idiot but i'm going to enjoy the "feedback" you get on this one....

Is it racist if a girl doesnt have a preference for your race ?

Weird rednecks is a term reserved solely for ignorant yanks , one of which I feel is you. See Haeddre's answer.Most, not all, Aussies don't give a flying fig where a person comes from or what colo... Read More »

Song about a girl who is independant and doesnt depend on the guy?

Hi!Independent Woman - Destiny's ChildMiss Independence - Kelly ClarksonI am Woman - ReddyWhen God-Fearin' Women Get The Blues - Martina McBrideI will Survive - Gloria GaynorStronger - Britney Spea... Read More »

My girl friend keeps getting and erasing my email I change passwords it doesnt help please help me?

Create a password using both alpha and numeric characters.Then, get a new girlfriend.