My right eye will not stop twitching!?

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How to Stop Eye Twitching?

Don’t you hate when your eyelid starts contracting on its own? Especially at the most inconvenient time! I used to experience multiple eye twitches and sometimes there were different muscles invo... Read More »

My right eye won't stop twitching ! : (?

according to a site i googled there are 8 reasons why your eyelids are twitchingStressTirednessEyestrainCaffeineAlcoholDry eyesNutritional imbalancesAllergiesAlso if you have different eye contacts... Read More »

How to Stop Eye Twitching Naturally?

It's hard to not notice when you have an eye twitch, and chances are others can notice it, too. Not only does this eyelid muscle spasm look and feel strange, it also becomes distracting as it inter... Read More »

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