What do you do to soothe your toe when your toenail breaks off?

Answer warm, not hot, water and epsom salts twice a dayput some cotton over the damaged nail bed and put a band aid around it- don't make it tight. go barefoot or no shoes as much as possible till it star... Read More »

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What to do when your father breaks your heart?

A father is just a normal human being that will make mistakes by either saying or doing the wrong thing while trying to help raise his child or children. It is important that there are good communi... Read More »

What should you do when your toenail falls off?

be very gentle try not to hit it on anything and if you wear tennis shoes wrap it in gauze so it doesn't hurt when you walk

What should you do when your ex breaks a court order?

You return to court and file a motion for contempt of a court order and let the court take care of it.

What Are Your Rights When a Rental Car Breaks & Freezes?

Driving another person's car can be nerve wracking; it is bad enough when it is a friend's car, but when its owned by a company things can be even worse. If the dreaded happens and the car breaks d... Read More »