What do you do to protect yourself from online fraud or identity theft?

Answer This is a very broad question so I am going to give you what I think are a couple of the easiest most effective things you can do to protect yourself.The #1 Rule is that you are the best anti-fraud... Read More »

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What is identity theft fraud?

Identity theft fraud is a crime where a person obtains another's personal data and uses it without permission in a way that involves deception. Personal data is often used in criminal circumstance... Read More »

What is identity theft and fraud?

Identity theft, which usually leads to fraud, can occur at any time and anywhere, even around your home. Identity theft is on the rise, but preventing this crime really depends on the average perso... Read More »

How to Report Fraud & Identity Theft?

Identity theft and fraud can devastate your financial standing. Criminals pose as you to open fraudulent accounts, then make as many charges as possible and run out on the bills while your credit r... Read More »

The Best Ways to Prevent Fraud & Identity Theft?

Anyone can become a victim of identity theft or fraud, which involves another person acquiring sensitive information about you (such as your name, address, SSN or account numbers), and then taking ... Read More »