What do you do to make pain go away?

Answer a bottle of warm water

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My lower back has been hurting for about 6 months, What can I do to make the pain go away?

it depends on the type injury. a compressed disk, a muscle strain, broken spine, or any number of causes. most back problems are from some kind of over exertion. good back execises will help. if to... Read More »

I have this horrible sunburn that hurts really bad, what can I do to reduce the pain, or just make it go away?

put on aloe vera gel, it is natural and it helps to fade it and reduce the pain. Although it isn't immediate, it works adventually.

I got treated with the Cantherone Treatment this morning and my hands hurting. What will make the pain go away?

Pain killers, under a doctors guidance will make the pain go away.

Ma head hurts, how can i make the pain go away?

It depends on why your head is hurting. Do you have sinus problems?Does your nose feel stuffy? If so just using a nasal spray will alleviatethe headache. If it is muscle pain, then taking a hot bat... Read More »