What do you do to keep mosquitoes away?

Answer mossie nets impregnated with long term (residual) insecticide is what is recommended. Won't be much use in the day time or when you are not sleeping.mosquito coils sort of work if you have enough o... Read More »

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How to Use Plants to Keep Mosquitoes Away?

Using plants to deter and keep mosquitoes away from both your home and your skin is an all-natural and safe alternative to using man-made products that contain chemicals. There are a number of plan... Read More »

How can I naturally keep flies and mosquitoes away from my patio?

Here's some ideas:Cinnamon oil shows promise as an environmentally friendly pesticide, killing mosquito larvae more effectively than DEET. The CDC says " oil of lemon eucalyptus provides protection... Read More »

Will lemongrass keep away butterflies. I know it does mosquitoes.?

I grow and sell lemongrass stalks to local asian markets. I installed a butterfly garden off the side of our home for my daughter. There are 3 lemongrass planted among them in hope it would keep Mo... Read More »

Why can't they have a product to keep away the ticks and mosquitoes on humans like they have for dogs?

Human wouldnt use it, the same way u dont use the spray once a week