What do you do to have free phone calls on your i pad 2?

Answer look into Google Voice for this

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If you have long distance on your house phone is jail calls free?

I have an android my phone off im using wifi what apps can i get free to make phone calls?

Viber, but person your phoning needs to have it

How to Make Free Cell Phone Calls From Your PC?

Cell phone calls can eat up your minutes. But if you want to save money, all you need is a working personal computer with a microphone and a Skype program. If the person you're calling has the same... Read More »

Are 0800 free phone calls (UK) free using a mobile phone?

It can vary from one mobile network to the other.Some do give you the call for free whilst others don't, however in most cases none of them give you the call for free..this is because you are using... Read More »