What do you do on the internet to pass the time?

Answer Check out all my kids and grandkids sites on myspace. Read the local newspaper online. Enter online contests at local radio stations.

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Internet pass through option in cell phones?

its called tethering. It requires a special data plan that will cost you more and its kind of slow but it does work. I tried it for a while but switched to dsl because it was much faster and less e... Read More »

How to Pass Time by Having Fun?

Are you so bored in the day you just wanna take a nap? These Step By step directions will show you how...

How to Pass Time when You've Got Nothing to Do?

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Is there Internet search experts available on internet who helps in real time through chat or over the phone ?

I would be happy to help you with any question you might have, all my contact information is visible so feel free to contact meAdditional Information: Hey I found the Internet God's website at http... Read More »