What do you do if you're 16 and pregnant and the father lives in a group home?

Answer Answer Do you have any other family that could help you take care of the child? if not adoption is the strongest path you can take. your 16 and need to finish school..theres no way you could raise ... Read More »

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If a 16-year-old lives in LA with mother and father lives in MS and they have joint custody with the mother being dominant can the child leave home to go live with the father legally?

Answer Where I come from, I believe so, yes. A 16 year old is old enough to decide which parent he or she wants to live with. If you just up and leave to go live with your father without telling yo... Read More »

How does a 20-year-old tell her parents whom she lives with that she is pregnant when the father wants her to have an abortion but she is against it?

Answer I think you should just come out and tell them. Age has nothing to do with it.Im twenty years old and im currently 7 weeks pregnant with my first child.I am living with my boyfriend and also... Read More »

If a father is an alcoholic with two DUI's on his record and lives in a home where there is parties often can he be given custody?

I would have to say that would depend on what the Mom has done to have to worry about what that situation... The court will do what is in the best interest of the child. If the situation with Dad i... Read More »

Can you adopt a special needs child who lives in a group home whose parent has parental rights but very little contact or interest?

I dont have much info on this but I certainly can recommend you someone who can most definitely help you out on this. Osbornes at 020 7485 8811 ... Read More »