What do you do if your water breaks?

Answer Get to the hospital ASAP.

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What is the water when your water breaks?

The "water" is actually amniotic fluid. The fluid surrouns the baby and protects the baby and the umbilical cord from being compressed. When your water breaks some of the water comes out but then t... Read More »

What kind of danger is your baby in if you don't go into labour and your water breaks?

Answer Once the protective bag around the baby is broken, as happens when your waters break, there is a danger that infection can travel up to the baby. This is particularly the case if you have an... Read More »

What does your water smell like when it breaks?

Apparently it doesn't smell like anything?

Do you always lose your mucus plug before your water breaks?

Answer I have had two children, and never noticed the plug. So, you may notice when you lose it, or not.