What do you do if your son ate pool algae?

Answer Answer Probably not a problem, it is a plan after all, but if you are concerned, call the poison control center at 1-800-222-1222.

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How do I kill algae in a pool?

Remove algae from the walls and bottom of the pool with a brush and skimmer. The more algae you can remove this way, the less time it will take you to kill the remaining algae.Test the pH level of ... Read More »

How do you get rid of pink algae in your pool?

Answer I believe this may be a question for someone in Florida. I am not familiar with this type algae however, I have heard of it before. I would superchlorinate and add Yellow Treat by United Ch... Read More »

Does shocking get rid of algae in a pool?

Shocking a pool refers to the process of a brief period of super-chlorination used to reactivate the chlorine in the pool after excessive use or dilution. Correcting the chlorine level by shocking ... Read More »

Is pool algae toxic?

Algae are microscopic plant life, and they can quickly multiply in unclean or poorly circulated pools. Although algae are not toxic, they produce oxygen during the process of photosynthesis. Oxygen... Read More »