What do you do if your six-year-old refuses to visit to his father and you are afraid your child will hate you if you force him to go?

Answer Answer Children can sense a lot more than we give them credit for. Sit down with your son and ask him why he doesn't want to visit his father. If the father is a good man and you don't want to hu... Read More »

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How can an unmarried mother get her child returned to her after the biological father not a legal father refuses to return the child to her mother after a visit?

Son 15 doesn't refuses to visit his father because he says his father is making comments that disturb him is this something the judge will want to hear?

Maybe. If the 15 year old has a law guardian or social worker, start there.will dapends what kind of comments. If its like your fat good lose some weight then not always, but if its something more ... Read More »

If you have primary residential custody what can you do if the father refuses to return your son after a weekend visit?

Answer File parental kidnapping charges. File contempt with state. If you know where the child is being kept and the other parent isn't there you can pick up the child at the babysisters. Answer ... Read More »

Can you be arrested if your child refuses to visit mom?

If there's a court order for visitation or shared custody and you do not make the child go, you are breaking the order and there will be consequences from the court if the non-custodial parent repo... Read More »