What do you do if your phone falls in the bath tub?

Answer Take it apart! Open it and take out first the battery, then all the other parts that can be removed. Wrap all parts except the battery in soft cloths (can be put in socks) and put them in a warm pl... Read More »

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What do you do when your cell phone falls in water!!!!?

1.Take the battery and sim card (if it has one), immediately!2. Put all the parts in a bag of uncooked rice.Leave in the rice for a few days (about 3-4). Whatever you do, do not turn it on until i... Read More »

What do you do when your phone falls in a bucket of water with soap?

DO NOT do anything to it. Just open a bag of rice and insert the phone into the rice. The rice will absorb the moisture from the phone. Leave the phone in the rice for 2-3 days.

HELP ME! i dropped my phone in the bath! :(?

take the battery outand let it air dry for two or three daysDO NOT TURN A FAN ON ITthe water will spread even morebelieve me i knowphone dropped in:pool-3 timestub-2 timesleft outside in the rain-1... Read More »

I dropped my phone in the bath?

My friend was dirtbiking and he fell into a lake, his cell phone was in his pocket and he revived it with a blowdryer! Try that!