What do you do if your parents just found out you cut yourself?

Answer Cutting is seen by most everyone as a serious mental and physical health problem. So, take a breath, and get the help you need. Honesty that it is happening is the first step. It may not be easy to... Read More »

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Help! My parents found my bong?

My parents found out about Facebook! What to do?

Ok ... I am brown too and I understand where you are coming from. I think you should wait it out - he will eventually get over it. When things calm down a little talk to him about facebook and let ... Read More »

How to Hide Your New Found Religion from Your Parents?

Have you found a religion that is very different than the one you were brought up in and your parents don't understand? Follow these simple techniques so that your parents won't know.

When you found out you were adopted, did you want to meet your birth parents?

I absolutely DID want to meet my birth parents. My father had passed away, but I met my mom when I was 18. I'm 36 now and we still have a great relationship. In fact she is coming for a visit from ... Read More »