What do you do if your iPod touch doesn't sync music from iTunes?

Answer If it doesnt automatically sync then you go to where the name of your ipod has popped up on the side, and click on it. Then you just have to go down to the bottom of the page and click sync! Oh yea... Read More »

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How come spotify doesnt let me sync music to my ipod?

Spotify music cannot synced to ipods other than the Ipod touch, which uses the app. Only tracks you own can by synced to regular ipods.

I just downloaded iTunes onto my new laptop. how do i sync the music from my iPod to iTunes?

When you connect iPod to a new iTunes or a new computer, you need to authorize your iPod to it, then you can follow this guide that helped me before to transfer files from iPod to computerhttp://ip... Read More »

Why won't my iPod Touch applications sync from Itunes to my iPod?

In your Itunes make sure that when you plug up your iPod it is being read by your itunes. From their go and click on your iPod's name when it pops up which should be on the left side of the itnues ... Read More »

How to Sync Songs to iPod Touch Without iTunes?

The iPod Touch is a portable media device developed by Apple to provide many of the capabilities available on the iPhone in addition to the standard music management features. As with all iPod devi... Read More »