What do you do if your iPhone wont come on?

Answer No, you have to get the Internet package.

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Your iPhone up when you tried to update the software to iPhone 4 then you had to restore the iPhone to original factory settings and now it wont do that HELP?

What do you do when your iphone wont turn on?

1. Check the battery. 2. Take it back to the vendor. 3. Replace it. Also, make sure it is charged. Plug it in and recharge it for awhile and see if that helps.

What do you do when your iPhone 4 wont charge?

take it to an Apple repair shop and get them to change the battery. Check that it is not the USB cable or adaptor that is at fault before incurring repair costs

What if your iPhone home button wont work?

try restoring your iPhone and if that doesn't work, try taking it to the apple store to get it fixed/ thank uu./cause i tried that last night on my computer but it wouldn't do anything i think my ... Read More »