What do you do if your ex wife is stopping you seeing your children?

Answer If she is breaking the court order for visitation you have to report her to the court. If you don't have such an order you have to go to court and get one.

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If your wife physically abuses your children what should you do?

The first thing is to put in place a plan to keep the children safe. Someone who physically abuses others has deep seated problems which should be addressed. Usually, it is better to keep the fami... Read More »

Can a wife stop her ex seeing his children?

Not if the father is doing his fatherly duties for the children, and causing the children no harm or pain. But if he is then yes, also if she sees the father unfit and suspects harm is being done i... Read More »

Can your ex-wife who is not the mother of your children get custody of one of your children?

Answer Not in my world, but, in liberal America, its possible.The courts bend over backward to place custody that "is in the best interests of the children." Normally, placement with a natural per... Read More »

Can your ex-wife who has primary custody of your children have a live in boyfriend in Louisiana?

Answer yes she canThe state does have existing laws that forbid cohabitation of non married individuals.Therefore the non custodial parent could file a complaint with social services or preferably... Read More »