What do you do if your earphones won't work on the computer?

Answer They were invented the way they were invented!

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My earphones don't work on my computer?

i had this same exact problem,except they worked on my ipod and phone,but not on my laptop...basically the type of headphones u are using are probablly not long enough to fit into the audio jack on... Read More »

My iPod froze up and it wont work and the computer doesnt let me restore it. What do i Do?

hold down menu and the center- It happens to mine All the time

What if your iPod earphones only work on the left side why?

Make sure the headphone jack is all of the way in the slot. If it is only halfway in, then that is your problem. If that didn't fix the problem, then the earphones are broken and you may need to b... Read More »

Only one earbud works when you listen to music etc on the computer and ive tried different earphones and they all do the same Is there a way of fixing your computer?

Open up the Control Panel, go to Sound and Audio Devices, in Volume click Advanced and make sure your balance is centered.