What do you do if your ds lite will not turn on?

Answer charge it

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What is wrong if your pilot light will not stay lite?

Answer High winds, pilot generator. Is the heater located next to a wall? Is the heater door closed? Does the heater have a draft hood or what they call a stackless heater? Ken

Direct tv hd box and your remote will only turn it off and turn the volume up and it is a sansui tv?

my direct tv hd remote won't work for changing the channel just turn it on and off and turn the volume up

If your riding your bike down the hiway and you push forward on the left handle bar what way will u turn L /R?

"Question: If you are on a motorcycle going down the highway, and you press on the inside of the left handle grip, why do the wheels turn to the right, but you turn to the left?-----------------199... Read More »

What Is Wrong When Your Key Will Not Turn in the Ignition?

When your car key will not turn in the ignition, there might be several reasons. These include a damaged key, worn ignition lock, and steering wheel that is locked in place. In some cases you can c... Read More »