What do you do if your computer is not reading your SD card?

Answer It's possible that the card is faulty; but a simple thing you might be able to try is using a different computer or plugging the card into a camera and then connecting the camera to the computer to... Read More »

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How to Transfer Your Pictures From Your BlackBerry Phone to Your Memory Card, Not a Computer?

When you don't have a media card installed in your BlackBerry smartphone, all of the pictures you take with the built-in camera will be stored in the phone's memory. As the memory fills up, which w... Read More »

How can you put pictures back on your memory card once they are in your computer?

First locate where the fan vent is for the computer. Take the memory card in your right hand and forcibly push it inside the vent. Then pound 3 times on the keyboard with your left fist. If the dow... Read More »

How do you put pictures on your computer from your camera's memory card?

There are many ways to transfer your images from your camera to your computer; the easiest and most used way is to connect the camera directly to the computer using a USB cable. One end of the cabl... Read More »

HELP! How do you move pictures from your computer onto a memory card so you can see them on your camera?

I'm supposing you use a Windows PC.All you have to do is insert the flash card in a card reader, mine are external USB connected to my Macs. Open your photo browser or just go to the picture files ... Read More »