What do you do if your brother wants to wrestling but you don't?

Answer well you say bye i don't wanna play wrestling so leave me alone

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Could you get pregnant if your having fun and you play wrestling with your 9yr old brother and his penis is Aline with your private part and he gets on top of you?

Lol not unless you are both nude, it goes in, and he makes sperm.

If you dont like your brother?

if u don't like ur brother u have to talk to him and explain that ur brother and sisters u need to be together u need to love each other!!├é┬áRaniaperson: That just touched my heart right there ( sob... Read More »

Well me and my brother want to make youtube videos and we dont know what to do help?

You didn't specify what category of videos you are making but you mentioned screen bigger so i'm assuming you are making gaming videos??? To make a video with a camera hit record, save to an SD car... Read More »

If you have Dish Network and want to watch wrestling what numbered channel is ECW Wrestling on?