What do you do if your brother is being annoying?

Answer Either ignore him or tape him to a chair.

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What do you do if your brother is annoying you?

Well what i do is i tell him to stop and leave me alone forever or i tell my mom or dad if u are only a kid like me but if your not then i dont know what to tell u then so try to find another why t... Read More »

What can you do if your brother is very annoying?

Well I have a brother and me and him fight all the time and i mean all the time over silly stuff like going in his room but i have to say if anything happend to him i dont know how i wound get thou... Read More »

Why did your big brother say your annoying?

because chances are you probably are more than annoying but he doesnt want to hurt your feelings

How do you get rid of annoying big brother?

You get rid of your annoying big brother by getting him in trouble with your parents or carers even if you have to exaggerate a little bit and eventually he will think every where l turn she tells ... Read More »