What do you do if your boyfriend leaves a little girl home by herself?

Answer well that depends on the age. if they are 1-8 i would say it is bad because you never know what they would do. like the door bell ring. at first the girl would think oh! im a big girl so i will ans... Read More »

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How to Update Your Bedroom from Little Girl to Teen Girl?

Are you a teenage girl who's living in a bedroom made for a five year-old? Are you embarrassed to have friends over because they'll see your huge array of stuffies or your pastel pink teddy bear be... Read More »

What to do when your dad leaves home?

you should call him a lot and prepare for his homecoming he will always love a big hug after a long day month or week mean while let him know that you miss him if he is far away send him pictures o... Read More »

What is your favorite name for a little girl?

Rose Kathleen ♥I absolutely adore Rosalie and Isobel, but I'm really not fond of Sienna. Isobel Rosalie would be sweet, though I understand Sienna is your favourite of the names :)

Can a father win primary placement in Wisconsin based on mother's instability such as moving from home to home job to job boyfriend to boyfriend etc?

Answer Absolutely. I did it, based on those factors primarily. However, it does depend on many other factors. I would recommend trying to work with the other parent first. Failing that, you are b... Read More »