What do you do if your baby is ugly?

Answer seroulsy Just deal with it if u think ur babies ugly u have problems!

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My sister is really ugly. What makes her ugly is cheeks on her face. And she has a triple chin. Its so ugly! ?

That's something really mean to say about your sister. And thats hilarious the donut thing. LOLZ!! As long as she is okay with it then you should be too. And don't worry about other people!! And if... Read More »

Would you ever tell someone their baby is ugly?

i would think it but not say it lollol at timmyyes timmy we all know you were a teen model *rolls eyes* lol jk

How to React to an Ugly Baby?

While all babies are considered to be beautiful to their parents who are biologically predisposed to such a belief, the general populace may not find each and every baby to be quite so gorgeous as ... Read More »

Fear of an ugly baby: Is it normal for a pregnant couple to worry about the looks of their unborn child?

Of course its normal! I'm surprised how many ppl feel this is an illegitimate concern. I dont think your being shallow or anything. Of course you will love your newborn whether its "ugly" or "prett... Read More »