What do you do if your DVD player only plays one movie?

Answer If your DVD player only plays one movie, then you should contact your DVD player company and ask for a help or a new one.

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I burned a dvd but it only plays on my computer and not on my dvd player?

But exactly what did you burn to your DVD ??? .You need some DVD authoring software - that takes your video and converts it to mpeg2 - then packages it into .VOB files with special file names and p... Read More »

How do I put an AVI movie on a CD or DVD so it plays in a DVD player?

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Your ipod only plays out of one headphone?

My suggestion is get new earphones, but if you have tried other earphones and it still hasn't worked then you should go to best buy or somewhere that would know things about iPods and ask them to f... Read More »

When it comes to symbolism and metaphors only... what is your favourite movie?

Pan's Labyrinth.The movie contains a great amount of metaphors and archetypal symbols telling another story it's as if Guillermo Del Toro intended the fantasy scenes as allegorical commentary on th... Read More »