What do you do if your African violets get sun burned?

Answer All you can do is cut off the worst looking leaves, the good thing is new leaves will grow back in a month or so.

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What is the scientific name for African violets?

The scientific name for African violets is Saintpaulia.

What does pH in water do to African violets?

African violets grow best in slightly acidic soil (pH 6.0 to 6.5). The pH of water can change soil pH, causing the plant to suffer from nutrient deficiencies. If watered with softened water (alkali... Read More »

What temperature should you grow African violets?

African violets thrive inside with temperatures between 68 and 85 but can survive hotter temps if there is a fan blowing or air conditioning, please note: they cannot survive direct sun they will b... Read More »

What do roots of African violets look like?

Looks like this: 😷👿川^_^