What do you do if you have shocked your pool and have been testing it but cannot get any chlorine to show up on the strips and you have put in over 30 chlorine tablets?

Answer You probably have the same problem I have - take a sample of your water to a pool store and have it tested. I did and needed to add alkalinity, pH enhancer, algaecide and one other chemical. You ne... Read More »

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How do I add chlorine tablets to a pool?

Size of PoolFigure the size of your pool and how many gallons it holds. Choose a stabilized chlorine pool tablet from a pool-supply store.Getting ReadyFollow the instructions on the package. The nu... Read More »

Help! After adding algeacide to my aboveground pool, can I put the floater w/chlorine tablets back in?

Yeah, no problem. You really never had to take it out. Algaecide and the chlorine tablets will not react. To my knowledge the only "dangerous" chemical that was ever produced for pools was HTH chlo... Read More »

Can algaecide interact with chlorine thereby reducing the level of free chlorine in a swimming pool?

Answer yes, the algae feeds on the chlorine.. must get rid of algae, then bring up chlorine level

What is the best way to get rid of water mold in a non-chlorine pool when chlorine loops are not effective?

Answer I have found Proteam's System support product to be very effective against it.Hmmm, What are chlorine "loops"