What do you do if you have a sister named Donald?

Answer Prey

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What is Kellie Pickler's sister named?

She has a half brother and a half sister name Courtney pickler and kellie Pickler's half sister Courtney Pickler is featured in red hiegh heels music video as one of her best friendsHere is her mys... Read More »

Does Dr Phil have a twin sister named Nancy?

There is no public information on how much the cast of Teen Mom is paid for being on the reality TV show. Most reality TV participants say the pay per episode is not a huge sum. In some cases. fami... Read More »

If an acting conservator dies and her husband is named as the 'assuming conservator' what are the options a sister has to gain custodial rights of the minor child?

Answer None.The court has ruled on the custodial issues of the minor child/children involved.Unless the appointed custodian is deemed unfit or unable to assume the responsiblity by the court, the ... Read More »

What is Rosanne's sister named on the TV show Rosanne?