What do you do if you have a annoying sister?

Answer well, two options kill her- or deal with her the rest of your life....

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Annoying sister what do you do?

ignore her she is just trying to get attention or stuff that annoy her MORE than she does you if she annoys you too much try to tell your mom and dad about it and if that doesn't work tell her you'... Read More »

What do you do with an annoying sister?

Advice from contributors:Ignore her totally and walk off.I have an annoying sister and she does a lot of things behind my mum's back so she doesn't get in trouble. Yet my mum doesn't re... Read More »

What should you do if you have a big sister that bosses you around and is annoying and what revenge should you do that she will think is funny?

AnswerWell it's not always funny to get revenge cause eventually that person will get a bigger revenge on you. But if the relationship with your big sister is based on pranks and you get along will... Read More »

What do you do with an annoying little sister?

Haha, sorry got to live with her. Have a sister of my own but still gotta live with her:)1: raise your eyebrows and tell her to stop 2: if she keeps chattering make the most ugliest face ever that... Read More »