What do you do if the lower part of your back hurts while pregnant?

Answer Answer First make sure they are not contractions. Try to see a chiropractor. Most will treat and adjust even while your pregnant. Some people look down on chiropractors. If I did not go see one... Read More »

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If your lower back and your head hurts does that mean im pregnant?

You have cramps and your lower back hurts and your legs hurt What is wrong?

You don't mention how close you are to your period or if you just had one. From what you wrote it sounds like PMS to me. I had these symptoms all my life just before my period and a bit after. Ther... Read More »

Does your stomach hurt in the lower part could you be pregnant?

Answer it depends on many other factors. Have you had recent unprotected sex? Have you missed a period? Do you have any other symptoms such as sore breasts, sickness etc? If you have missed your p... Read More »

What is the lower part of the back?