What do you do if someone is using your daughters ss for tax?

Answer If that someone is not entitled to take your daughter's exemption on their tax return, notify the IRS. You can call them at 800-829-1040.You will not be able to file your taxes electronically with ... Read More »

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What would you name five daughters using these names?

1. Lilith Jade (d.o.b. November 6)2. Ramona June (d.o.b. June 2)3. Willa Danielle (d.o.b. July 31)4. Alice Claire (d.o.b. January 11)5. Natalie Olivia (d.o.b. May 15)Lilith - Long, straight, inky b... Read More »

Name [x] daughters using these names!?

☼ -- Emmeline Audrey☼ -- Charlotte Isabelle☼ -- Grace Anna☼ -- Rosalind Jane☼ -- Evelyn Sophie☼ -- Lucia Jacqueline☼ -- Alice Matilda{Emma, Charlotte, Gracie, Rose, Evie, Lucy, and Al... Read More »

What can you do if your ex-husband refuses to allow communication between you and your daughters outside of visitation?

Answer This is a difficult situation because I don't know why your husband has sole custody and you only have visitation rights. If you were declared an "unfit mother" then you don't have much say... Read More »

What is your relationship to your sister's daughters?

Your sister's daughters are your neices. You are their aunt or uncle.