What do you do if sand gets inside of your camera?

Answer Buy a New one!! That's very nearly true. Get it immediately to a service center for an estimate on cleaning. Then decide if it's a loss. A small amount of sand can do a great deal of damage. And i... Read More »

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Shopko's Digital Camera policy, i've had it less than a month and the inside of the camera broke.. money back?

If the shop has a 30 day money back guarantee, then all you need is everything that came in the box, the box and a receipt. Some shops have a "restocking" fee, but since your camera is being return... Read More »

Help sand in camera!!!?

You won't be able to get the sand out.Don't try to use the camera until it has been serviced by a camera repairer.Unfortunately, that could cost as much as (or maybe more than) a new camera.I hope ... Read More »

Omg I think I have sand in my camera!?

Here are some simple things to try first for a camera that won't power on. They won't work for every case, but they're worth a try:…And if sand really is ... Read More »

Camera won't turn on because of a Len's Error!! Sand!?

Ok you may want to try this but at your own risk. A vacuum cleaner, take the hose and hold it about six inches away from the lens. apply some suction gently while turning the camera of and on. you ... Read More »