What do you do if ipod wont turn on?

Answer Man dont you have a buddy you can text?charge it or send it for servicing

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My jailbroken ipod touch wont turn on i turned it off after it was being glitchy and went to turn it back on and it showed the apple logo but in 5 sec the lights dimmed and in 20 sec it shut off?

So this is actually not that difficult to fix if you follow the instructions and take your time. The first thing is you should know how or with what you jailbroke your itouch with (redsn0w, blackra... Read More »

My iPod Wont Turn On?

Try holding the middle button down while turning the power on. It resets mine when it freezes (even off).

Ipod wont turn on?

My guess is that the battery you purchased was either not new or defective. I also think that since iPods are not designed to have their batteries changed at home, you may have caused damage to it... Read More »

My Ipod wont turn on!!?

I don't understand what tethering has anything to do with it, but plug into you computer. The sync should turn it on, if not take to Apple!