What do you do if baby swallows shampoo?

Answer Call poison control immediately.

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What to do if baby swallows shampoo?

Call the poison control center or your doctor.

What happens if a baby swallows feces at birth?

Meconium is the baby's first bowel movement and it is a thick green tar-like substance. For most babies, meconium is released shortly after they are born. However, some babies release meconium duri... Read More »

How to Make Homemade Eye Makeup Remover From Baby Shampoo and Baby Oil?

While waterproof makeup is great when it's raining outside or when you might be sweating, taking it off at night can be a challenge. Washing your face alone typically won't remove it, and eye makeu... Read More »

What is the best baby shampoo for new born babies?

Probably Johnson's Baby Shampoo, although other brands may also be mild enough.