What do you do if all your family does it fight?

Answer I'm a sister myself and so I understand... sisters usually hate brothers because they are dirty, foul and live differently to them. Also, usually brothers pick on their sisters. Another perfectly g... Read More »

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Fight night round 4 on PS3 what does it mean when it says simulate using ESPN fight cast in legacy mode?

Will there be a 4th Family Guy chicken fight?

If you have sole custody does your ex or his family need your permission to take your child out of state?

Answer Yes they do. That's why you have sole custody. I would check with your local family court to see what the laws are exactly.

Tokio Hotel Family: Gustav was in the hospital (because of a bar fight)!?

whoaa wth!? thats crazy. not our Gusti. :((and whats this? "Gustav Schäfer, the drummer for German teenie pop band Tokio Hotel"?!?!?!?!?teenie pop!?my gawd. this is ridiculous.poll: zimmer 483(:sp... Read More »