What do you do if a red light keeps flashing when you try to turn on your camera?

Answer Answer State the type of camera, maybe a picture or two? Et cetera... Answer Replace the batteries. The camera will then turn on ok.

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Casio Exilim EX-Z1050. .The camera will not turn on or display anything on the LCD. The green light above the LCD keeps flashing. Any ideas how to fix it plz?

not exactly an answer, but I have the same problem. It appearred after removing the USB device. Removing the battery for a long time does not help. I removed the memory card also. I put them back a... Read More »

Do u know how to turn on the light of this camera ?

yes but i wont share it with you because i am a very secret person

Is a big truck in front of your car begins to turn left but its right turn signals are flashing it is most lik?

Trucks with long trailers swing out a little in order to pull the front end of the trailer away from the right curb a bit so it can make the rear end clear the curb on the right side. Its marked on... Read More »

Is there an app that will allowe to turn on the flash light while using the camera?

The flash unit is hardware-specific, and you have not stated the exact make and model you own.If it's an LED flash (not really a flash at all, just an LED torch) then most such phones will have vid... Read More »