What do you do if a boy you don't like wont leave you alone?

Answer Take him to dinner.

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I'm dating a celebrity and I would like to be alone with him. Everywhere we go people wont leave us alone.?

Next time when you are with your celeb friend and fans start to crowd , the best option would be ,for you to give a loud and smelly fart. I bet ,the fans will disappear like hairs from a bald man's... Read More »

Im 15 and your boyfriend hit me and then i dumped him now he won't leave me alone and he wont stop calling me what should you do he is 18?

Immediately tell your parents or another trusted adult and then call the police to report the incident.Do not hesitate to report this incident. It is a crime to assault another person. If not for y... Read More »

I dont watch or own a TV - why will TV LICENSING leave me alone?

Oh dear! Another "outsourced" service (i.e. reduce costs, increase revenue, who are the customers this week?).You could have fun reading this guy's site listing lots of links to do with licensing (... Read More »

If your 14 and your abusive friend gets you pregnant and wont leave you alone what should you do if you cant tell anyone?

Answer My best answer for that is you can always tell someone if i were you i would go to the school counsiler and have him or her help you Answer There are many options, but obviously the young ... Read More »