What do you do if a boy you don't like wont leave you alone?

Answer Take him to dinner.

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I have a printer that wont print because I dont have colored ink?

HP requires all cartridges to have ink in them.

GOOGLE IS EVIL!! i dont get it, it wont let me see any websites!!!!?

i thought it was only happeneing to me. thank god my computer wasnt screwed up or something

My computer wont let me watch youtube videos and i dont know why?

go to my computer and somewhere it should say manage my applications&programs, or something along those lines & delete the existing adobe, then download the newest version. it should work then

I dont watch or own a TV - why will TV LICENSING leave me alone?

Oh dear! Another "outsourced" service (i.e. reduce costs, increase revenue, who are the customers this week?).You could have fun reading this guy's site listing lots of links to do with licensing (... Read More »